Nobel Neon

One day, Neon was sitting in her house, binge watching Breaking Bad, when she heard a commotion coming from next door.

This always happened, you would think she would get used to it by now.

By the way it sounded;
it was probably her neighbour Fluorine and her partner, Sodium, going at it again.

It’s been worse, Neon thought,
recalling how just last week, Fluorine had Phosphate, the Oxygen triplets, Sodium and his twin brother,
over for a rendezvous.
It’s strange that what helps keep your teeth clean could be so dirty.

As Neon turned up the volume,
she wished she was as out-going as her name.
While she felt complete in her shell,
she watched others from her window,
observing the various elements down below;
not many of them having the same enthusiastic and climatic reactions as Fluorine had
with her conquests.

Why couldn’t her neighbour be mellow like those below?
What was all the excitement next door?

Isn’t there pleasure in being discreet any more?

Neon rolled across her bed,
laying on her back, head hanging,
she stared at her front door.
It was closed.
She doesn’t remember the last time it was opened.

She reached out her hand,
reaching for the door knob,
failing as she knew she would,
she was much too far away.

She puffed in exaggerated exasperation,
convinced that a great force would be needed
to convince her that Fluorine’s ventures were worth it.

Until then,
the only action Neon knew she would be getting,
would be from her TV,

as long as Breaking Bad never gets cancelled.


Creative Commons License
Nobel Neon by Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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