Dopamine or Manic Pixie Dream Girl

She was stunning,
sitting by the window at a coffeehouse,
her hair in messy bun,
reading T.S. Elliot’s complete works,
a notepad on the table,
accompanied by an untouched latte.
It has to be
the way the light shines through
giving her that alluring glow
how she is hunched over, engrossed
scribbling notes
unfazed by the haversack
sitting heavily on the stool next to her;
It’s the only reason
why your attention would be drawn to her
regardless of you sitting across the room from her
or taking a stroll outside.
You know how the story goes,
you’ll walk up to her
strike a conversation
and her smile overdoses your synapses,
you don’t even notice you are sitting down,
across from her
it takes a moment for her to look up from her book
but only after your delirious mumbling
crosses the table.
Looking at her,
you know she’s the kind of woman
that could change your life,
the kind that is known
to have big adventures
and even bigger passions
who knows life is bigger than you think it can be
but it’s like she pretends not to know it
as she humbly sips her coffee.
You don’t know why
but you are compelled
to tell her your story
about your run-in with
or model airplanes,
and your goals for a brighter future
and she will tell you that
you are the only one rooting yourself to the ground.

You want to believe her
but you know it’s not true;
it’s her smile that makes you want to run
spread your wings and soar
like the white-bellied sea-eagle
majestic in the sky,
but vulnerable from down below.
The rush is too good to ignore.
that you will lose her
that you won’t really know why
and when you do,
you may fall into a downward spiral.
Your craving for her
could lead to two different paths:
one, you crave for something else
something more damaging
something that will not let you move on
or two, you cannot control your actions
you shake, you lose your nerves
your body is no longer a slave to your neutrons.
The trick is not how to keep her
so that you never spiral,
the trick is how to grow together,
so that she is not just passing by
so that she doesn’t just give you
the good feelings alone.

Note: While researching Dopamine and it’s chemical properties, I discovered how it affects the human body and could not help notice resemblances between Dopamine and the Manic Pixie Dream Girl stock type from movies. This poem does not explain the effects of Dopamine on the human body nor does it explain the stock type of Manic Pixie Dream Girl and if you want to know more, you should definately pick up a text book.

Creative Commons License
Dopamine or Manic Pixie Dream Girl by Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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