It’s nothing serious.

This piece is dedicated to the Love Our MacRitchie team, and environmentalist in Singapore and around the world, still fighting the good fight. This poem was written for MacRitchie.

“It was nothing serious”.

It’s our “get out of commitment’ free card when we get scared,
Our “ I take it all back” go-to phrase when plans change,
When we need their space for ourselves

We forget the foundations of the relationship:
the strongholds we had in place,
We want to walk away with more than half,

Leaving them open, torn apart,
Struggling to recover from the stab wound
we dug deeply through them,

They end up losing more liquid life
than can be replenished.
It is the worst of all betrayals.

We pull away so quickly
We think it will be like ripping off a bandaid.
But we underestimate how much force we use
And end up hitting ourselves in the face with our own fist.

It was nothing serious
Is worst than
It’s not you, it’s me
We just fell out of love
I need space

It was nothing serious
Is the basis for empty promises
False hopes
Misguided faith

It’s worse when you’ve heard it before
And offered forgiveness
Setting yourself up to hear it again
Somehow we always turn a deaf ear.

Somethings you can’t fix
Somethings you can’t take back
Losing the word ‘commitment’ from your vocabulary,

Has more repercussions than anticipated,
Not just for the other party
But also for ourselves
And one day,
Something will be serious
And there is nothing we can say to stop it.

Creative Commons License
It’s nothing serious by Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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