Resolution Solution

All the best with your new year’s resolutions!


Base text is the abstract of The resolution solution: Longitudinal examination of New Year’s change attempts (1989) Norcross, J.C. and D.J. Vangarelli, From the Journal of Substance Abuse Vol 1 (2): 127-134

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When you walk into a bookstore


Me performing When you walk into a bookstore on 17 December 2016 at Kinokuniya, Ngee Ann City. (Photo by: Singlit Station)

When you walk into a bookstore
looking to buy last minute Christmas presents,
go straight for the stationary section,
find the pretty colours with glitter glue in their cartilages;
holidays are meant to be colourful, aren’t they?
But you know they’ll be dropped under desks
and lost in the depths of schoolbags
still full of ink and yet write with invisibility.

Or grab the paint sets, with 5 different sized brushes
and a small blank canvas to spare,
now a days paint splatter is considered art,
your nieces wouldn’t be that bad.
Someday down the road, you’ll get pictures
of their perfect little masterpieces
that have smudged on to the wall and their messy locks,
but they’ll never have a painted smile.

Decide between the set of 24 or 48 colour pencil sets,
look, over there! I see one with a hundred.
They always say, the more the merrier;
you didn’t know that there were so may shades of grey.
You can foresee handmade cards through the year,
when you hand the set over
and come to realise something strange
the rainbow is now in technicolour.

How about, instead, pick a full pen and an empty notebook
and find a pair that will last,
with the pen tuck safely in the notebooks folds
coming out only for a task.
Together, they are a team
together, they are infinite
they can help you make an impression
lasting and permanent.
Note: When you walk into a bookstore  was performed at the main Kinokuniya store in Singapore as part of a Singlit Station event of pop-up poetry on 17 December 2016. The piece was also commissioned for the event. 

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Theory of Mind


Me peforming Theory of Mind at Destination: Ink December 2016.

The theory of mind
is not a theory of mine;
it’s a theory about my mind
and about your mind.

It’s about how my mind
wants to know what is on your mind,
while your mind
may want to know about mine.

You could say
that mine is a mind
minding about yours
and yours about mine.

I have a plan in mind
for my mind
to turn the theory of mind
into a theory of mine,

by minding with minds,
and mining the mines in your mind,
the theory of mind
will finally be a theory of mine.

Note: This poem was inspired  by the Theory of Mind which explains that a thinking being (i.e. humans) can wonder and think what others are thinking about. The Theory of Mind suggests that only humans are capable of this ability but recent studies suggest that Bonobos, Chimps and Orang Utans exhibit similar abilities (

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Sky Glow

Sky glow […] is said to be the result of artificial light interacting with clouds and other elements in the atmosphere that causes the bright glow common to urban areas that presents a dome-lime barrier between the inhabitants of urban areas and the larger cosmos beyond the glow.
Nevin Cohen & Paul Robbins
Light Pollution
Green Cities: An A-to-Z Guide

Have we done it?
Have we gotten so jealous of the stars,
that now, we don’t only want to outshine them
but increase the distance between us?.
How ironic it is that
we only see our error
when we step into the darkness,
and look up at them looking up at us,
witnessing that it feels to be small,
only to step into the light again
and have our vision adjusted.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the universe,
they look up at us, and watch a new birth.
They sit patiently waiting
to welcome a new friend to the neighbourhood.

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Sky Glow by Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.