Plans for 2017

If you have been following my blog, then you would know by now that in the past six months, I have been posting every week on Thursdays and the topics typically vary. Sometimes I write about life in general and aspects that inspire me, sometimes I post ‘Poetic Science’ which is a project I am working on mainly to build my repertoire in science poetry.

This was how this blog just started really, to build my repertoire and improve my writing.

But now has 2017 is approaching,  I’m thinking of expanding ‘Poetic Science’ and giving it a bit more light. The original aim of this personal project was to find a way to bridge my two loves together, the curiosity for all things Science and the love of writing. But now, I would like to adjust it. In addition to this personal objective, I would like to find ways to encourage people to be more science literate. Reading poetry about science on various topics may not be the best way to do it but it may just make people less afraid to try and read academia or academia based material.

Blank out/ Found poetry, I feel is a good base to start encouraging people to find pieces within academic texts and may make them less fearful of approaching these texts. Writing pieces based on actual concepts takes understanding which will require time to develop. For many of my pieces, I rather they be accurate than eloquently written. At some point, I would like to try and host a workshop of some sort to encourage Blank out/Found poetry on academic text ( which I will try to do in 2017). Until then, I would like to make Poetic Science a Regular feature on my blog.

Thus, come 2017, every Monday I will post a piece of ‘Poetic Science’ and Thursday I hope to build my repertoire in other topics and life’s daily inspirations. (Let’s see how this goes). With abit ( read: a lot) of discipline and determination, I will be able to pull off my plans for 2017 for my writing and your reading pleasure.

Thanks for all your support!
Until the new year!



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