It is more colourful than it is known to be
I realised, when I was given the news,
and when I sunk into myself, I reached
for a start where my very bottom was.

Now, it’s like having the paint splattered on the wall;
there is so little you can do to avoid it;
covering up is always an option,
but  how many coats would you need?

So instead, I look at the splattered paint,
and try and connect the dots,
drawing smile-y faces in the empty spaces;
there is more than just the stains dripping.

I hope to walk away, with brush in hand
still dripping from my catharsis,
not glancing back to admire the art
that I have left behind for others.

Licença Creative Commons
O trabalho Colourful de Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips está licenciado com uma Licença Creative Commons – Atribuição-NãoComercial-CompartilhaIgual 4.0 Internacional.


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