I lost my notebook

Take my boots and my bangles
and all the necklaces that are now tangled
Take my dresses and skirts
and even my jeans, stained in dirt.

Take my bags and my heels
and the rollerblades with squeaky wheels
Take my scarfs, hats and yes, my cape
And every earing regardless of shape.

Just please leave my notebook be,
let it make it’s escape, I plea
from the clutches of lost and never found;
the host of my scribbles, come back around.

I’ve searched high and low for you,
now my greatest fear is coming true,
unrealised thoughts and lost potential
my search I feel is existential.

I hesitate while in denial,
maybe if I wait a while,
you will show up once again
hopefully with my favourite pen.

Until then, I cannot decide
to keep searching or to take a stride,
may be start my scribbles anew,
and let another hold the memory of you.

Creative Commons License
I lost my notebook by Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


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