Quarter-life Crisis

In Chemistry Class,
my teacher said to avoid parallax error,
you have to make sure you are reading the measurements at eye level. Bend a little, if you need to. Any well intentioned project can go terribly wrong when accuracy is absent.

I’m not in a Chemistry class anymore,
now, I’m reading my way through life,
finding spaces where I fit into,
realising that everything I was taught in school,
isn’t always useful in life.

I spend days sitting at waterfronts with friends,
dramatically contemplating the few decisions we have made,
and the ones we didn’t;
telling stories like tomorrow wasn’t coming,
laying down the drafts of our biographies
waiting for the plot twists to come,
hopefully the kinds we like,
and in the near future.

I sit in open mics,
and poetry readings,
or pretend to be at my own book launch
when I’m just in my bed room,
making up a speech as I go along,
trying to impress my graduation bears,
and my Sheldon Cooper figurine.

It is a delusional life,
but I like to think it is full of promise.

Unfortunately, there are days
when I sink into the sheets,
not wanting to face the reality
I have been creating.
My mind reminds me to bend a little
and see my mistake
the error of my readings
where life isn’t as good
as my parallax error
made it to be.

Creative Commons License
Quarter-life Crisis by Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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