I was reading Agnes Chew’s The Desire for Elsewhere and I found so much of the text that was beautifully written. I wanted to give it another medium to breathe. At first I blanked it out, but then I realized it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. So I took the pieces that were not blanked out and wrote them in the following stanzas. Not really a blank-out poem and I couldn’t find the name of the form I was trying to write this in, so I leave it up for debate. I would like to thank Chew for being a source of inspiration for the work. I own none of the words in this piece, therefore I cannot take credit for the poem. Please approach Chew or her publisher, Math Paper Press regarding copy right use. Enjoy!


from Paris enroute to Marrakesh
the plane, making its decent
images of sun-drenched dunes surfaced my mind

suddenly, the plane plummeted
nose-diving a hundred pounding hearts
we were caught in the heart of a massive storm
no different from that of paper planes
flimsy, malleable and uncertain of its fate


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