The Ocean is Calling – A response to fact-checking Disney’s Moana

Note: I watched Disney’s Moana and I thought it was a good movie but I had this urge to fact check it, then I found this Smithsonian Article. This poem came as a response. 

The ocean is calling,
crying for lost tales
of villagers and voyagers
that steadied their sails
against rough storms
and the changing of tides,
finding home on fruitful islands,
a cornucopia, they confide.
Retellings come and go
with common depictions
with tattooed heroes
and heroines of conviction.
Accurate in parts
and fictional in bits
have left some experts
at the end of their wits:
they say, he is a teen,
about to be a man,
Hine, a companion
eroded like sand,
and they are islanders,
with depiction so crude,
their dressing in coconuts
considered culturally rude.
The ocean is calling
a cry of lost tales
with plot and storyline
with emphasis on details;
well-intentioned retellings
still seem to miss the mark,
describing a culture
that’s been left in the dark,
the waves of moana
are still choosing, it seems
someone to authenticate
what being Polynesian means.

 Creative Commons License
The Ocean is Calling by Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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