Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is an environmentalist by day, poet by night. She can either be found around the performance poetry scene in Singapore or somewhere hugging a tree. On occasion, she tucks herself away into the control rooms of theaters, planning her next big technical theater feat.

Cheyenne enjoys writing a variety of genres, but she has found a cozy spot with performance poetry. However, she has chosen to share all forms of work on this digital platform. Cheyenne hopes that if you enjoy the work, that you will not just read it but also share with your friends. If you wish to challenge pieces, she is equally open to a discussion. Her only request is that you respect each of the Creative Commons Licenses she has registered her work under.

Cheyenne is also open to requests and comments and can be contacted at cheyennealexandriaphillips@gmail.com. She also reserves the right to make edits to any of the pieces without prior notice.